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Second Calls in District and Updating I Am Responding
When a second call comes in, off-duty CVAC members usually drop what they are doing to cover that second call.  To help eliminate unnecessary response to CVAC there are two important things the on-duty crew can do, when the on-duty crew can respond to the second call.

1)- If the crew has returned to quarters, the driver or another crew member should clear I Am Responding on the wall mounted laptop in the bay. 

2)- If the crew is back in service but not yet back to CVAC when another call comes in, be sure to use IAR to show your new response.  The updated time of response will let off-duty members know the primary crew is responding.

Upcoming CVAC Events

Annual Dinner is June 6, 2014.  More details will be provided well in advance of the dinner, but put it on your calendar now.


School Access to Epinephrine

Expanding the availability of epinephrine auto-injectors in schools is a significant advocacy focus for FARE. With approximately 20-25 percent of epinephrine administrations in the school setting involving students or staffers whose allergy was unknown at the time of the event,  the availability of undesignated epinephrine auto-injectors -- devices that are not prescribed to a particular student and that may be used in anaphylactic emergencies is critical. Many students who may need epinephrine may have no known history of allergy to food, bee stings, latex and other allergens, and therefore would not have a prescription of their own.

Updated Policies & Procedures Manual
CVAC will no longer hand out printed copies of the Policies & Procedures Manual.  You may download a PDF version of the document from the Important Information page.
Important Numbers
If you have a smart phone, you can access important numbers such as the DPW, local PDs, and hospitals from your phone.  See the Members Only Useful Info page for instructions.
EMTS - CME Training at Bedford FD & County DES in Valhalla
See the EMT page for the schedule and contact information.  For more details, check with Florence.
Under Appreciated EMS People Should Read This
Feeling under appreciated for all that you do?  Mike found this blog post, worth reading:

EMTs and Drivers

Please remember to periodically check the EMT and the Driver pages for updates and new information.

Adult Rig Check Duty Schedule

You may now see the Adult Rig Check Duty Schedule, accessible from the Members Only section of this site.  Please check and if you have a Tuesday night assigned, make note in your calendar.  Thanks!

Schedule through December 2013 now posted -- Click here to see the schedule:

The schedule for the first half of 2014 is coming soon.

Medical Reserve Corps

Read about the Medical Reserve Corps:


You can register for the Medical Reserve Corps in New York through ServNY:


When you sign up, it asks for your EMT number. It will then confirm with the state EMT database that you are certified, and enter you into the system. You can select which counties you want alerts for, and then you'll receive notification emails whenever those counties require emergency help. There is no obligation to respond. If you volunteer, you are technically working for the New York State Dept. of Health and receive a certain degree of liability coverage and indemnification from them.

Calls During House Duty
If a call comes in during the weekly rig check, at House Duty, please take the secondary (standby) ambulance, not the primary. This will give us less to repack and minimize any delay. Upon return it will remain secondary.  The secondary ambulance should always be in the center bay.
West Nile Advisory
Read the West Nile Information for Emergency Services Sector advisory
Epi Pens in Greater Use - Becoming More Readily Available
From The New York Times:

Longer CPR Efforts May be Beneficial, Study Says
From The New York Times:


WMD Online Training / CME Available

NIMS ICS-100 is an introduction to "Incident Command Systems," a nationwide program created by the Bush Administration to facilitate agencies being able to work together without stepping on each others' toes in the event of an MCI. Some of you will remember this, because when originally rolled out, every member of an agency like ours was required to take it. The course has been revised to "reflect lessons learned since its release in 2006" so you might even want to take it again. If you haven't, it's worth going through.

You can register and take it online (at no charge). The whole thing takes about an hour and a half, but you can pause when you like and come back to it. After you pass, you get a nice certificate which we will put into your file or you can hang on your wall. If you're an EMT, turn it in to the training officer, and this will count toward WMD CME hours.





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