In what ways can I volunteer?

    1. Non-riding Status -- Help with administrative duties, dinners, building and ambulance maintenance, and attend informational meetings. CPR training is not required.
    2. Aider - Aiders assist EMTs in a variety of ways. CVAC provides CPR training, and training to learn where supplies and equipment are on the ambulance. You will then be eligible to ride on calls. Aiders may be asked to drive the paramedic's vehicle when the paramedic accompanies the patient in the ambulance.
    3. EMT - After Aider status is achieved, attend a one semester EMT course at the local community college or other State certified training program. The course includes field training with a professional ambulance company, passing the State certification exam and practical test. You will then be eligible to provide patient care under supervision of more experience EMTs.
    4. Driver - After Aider status is achieved, complete the Chappaqua Ambulance Driver Training course and have a valid New York State driver's license with no major traffic violations. Drivers also assist the EMTs at the call location.